Iva Gueorguieva

Layering cut fabric, paper, and paint on canvas, Iva Gueorguieva crafts a world of manic brushstrokes and loud colors. She uses the process of creating as a means of remembering the past, experiencing the present, and thinking about the future—a method of understanding time and space. An outlet for thoughts and experiences, Gueorguieva's artwork references global violence and turmoil, while ultimately conveying her personal thoughts and intuitions. Her energetic, complex canvases reveal hints of recognizable fragments, from architecture to body parts, creating a frenetic world that merges the narrative and the abstract.

Gueorguiva’s has had solo shows at Graphicstudio USF at INK Miami, Frederic Snitzer in Miami, FL


Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe in New York, NY, Acme Gallery in L.A., CA, ACME Gallery in L.A., CA, Susanne Vielmetter Projects in L.A., CA, Pomona Museum of Art in Claremont, CA. Group shows include those at Sophia Contemporary in London, UK, Galveston Artist Residency in Galveston, TX, Steve Turner in Los Angeles, CA, Circuit 12 Contemporary in Dallas, TX, and Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.