Anders Edström

Swedish photographer Ander Edström is best known for his experimental, avant-garde fashion images. Upon moving to Paris in 1990, he began a long-term collaboration with the designer Martin Margiela, and regularly worked for the cutting-edge Purple magazine. Subverting the typical format of fashion imagery, Edström's photographs often capture models in unassuming, everyday situations, such as drinking coffee backstage. Likewise, in his series Dimanche, he captured the style of elderly passersby on the street. Edström has also made several films, including One Plus One 2 (2003), a collaboration with avant-garde guitarist Derek Bailey. As the artist has stated, he is attracted to "diluted pictures, pictures full of light, moments between moments, pictures that are free of classical composition, pictures that can be seen quickly, and that don't seem to leave a strong impression but that slowly seep into the mind."

Edström's work has been exhibited at venues such as New York's Artist's Space, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Museum für Moderner Kunst in Frankfurt, Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Centre Pompidou, among many others. He has published several monographs, including Two Houses (2011), Safari (2010), Waiting Some Birds a Bus a Woman/Spidernets Places a Crew (2004), and Buckshot Lexicon.