Carmelo Cappello

Italian Sculpture and Printmaker Carmelo Cappello was born in Ragusa, Italy in May, 1912. After his first studies at the Comiso Art Institute, he moved to Rome in 1929 and lived there for a year working in the studio of Ettore Colla. In 1930 he moved to Milan where he attended Marino Marini's courses at Monza 's ISIA. In 1937 he debuted as a sculptor and in the following year he held his first solo at Bragaglia Gallery in Rome. 

Over his lifetime he was invited to and participated in numerous Venice Biennales and the Quadriennale of Rome. His work was incorporated into the Exhibition of Italian Art in the Museums of Modern Art in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 1959 he was invited to Documenta II in Kassel, Germany. He passed away in Milan in December of 1996.