Cesar González

Cesar González’s drawings of small figures accompanied by aphoristic text express in a precise way the different aspects of the universe. These exercises however, which are not intended to be read as fixed or unidirectional assertions but rather as tools to understand the changing nature of the universe, are works that in their small and intimate scale manage to communicate the vast spectrum of the relation between man and his surroundings. After all, the cosmos–understood as a complex system ruled by certain parameters–is composed of small images, fragments of realities that together reveal causes and consequences. In his own words, the artist sees his drawings, “[...] not as illustration but as analogies, as concentrations of information and energy, as situations that tends to grow, that tends to develop, individually, but not necessarily isolated; images (and the ideas behind them) are interconnected, articulated as thoughts, memories, dreams, projections, and realities that generate an environment, a constellation of relationships.”

González’s work has been included in group exhibitions at Sicardi Gallery in Houston, Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles, Wu Gallery in Lima, AB Projects in Toronto, Casas Riegner in Bogotá, and Vermelho Gallery in São Paulo.

Courtesy of Casas Riegner