Chris Dorland

Chris Dorland’s paintings explore the logic of consumer society and our increasing co-dependency on technology for both personal and collective experiences. The resulting canvases function as repositories for the visual data that circulates in our collective image bank. At turns humorous and abject Dorland deploys the scanner and printer as the tools to create his paintings. Seemingly random snippets of visual information taken from the worlds of entertainment, advertising and manufacturing co-exist and interact with the signs and symbols of personal subjectivity. The paintings compress collage, assemblage and gestural mark making onto the flatbed of the canvas in order to create a layered visual language that is both representational and abstract.

Dorland is an alumni of the Art & Law Residency program at Fordham Law School. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is included in numerous public and private collections including the Whitney Museum of Art and the Bronx Museum. 

Courtesy of Super Dakota