C.J. Chueca

C.J. Chueca has lived between Lima and New York since 2003. Chueca’s history as a perpetual immigrant( earlier years found her in different cities in Mexico) has lead her to explore the concepts of home, territory, transit, multicultural experiences, uprooting and solitude. Focusing on discussions about lives that are still on the road (or without route) in the streets of the world. 

C.J. Chueca is currently presenting her solo show “Somos La Noche y El Día” at Vigil Gonzales Galería; and is part of “Crónicas Migrantes, Historias communes entre Perú y Venezuela” curated by Fabiola Arroyo at MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima. 

This month she is releasing her monograph “Dos Cielos Azules / Two Blue Skies” in collaboration with Meier Ramirez Publicaciones Independientes, designed by VM& Studio with an essay by Eleanor Heartney and an interview by Florencia Portocarrero.

Next year, C.J. Chueca will work on a public commission in the Bronx, managed by Percent for Art, from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. 

Courtesy of LatchKey Gallery