Da Young Kang

Da Young Kang is a South Korean-based painter and installation artist who often uses soft materials to create geometric and three-dimensional work.  Her art developed from monochromatism and minimalism—inspired by the shapes and colors of Korean wrapping cloths.  In her works, there is a great representation of production that consists of illusionistic repetition. In addition, the primary mode of expression is the use of hand-sewing, whereby, long and short strokes come together to create pictorial composition. As such, her practice involves a combination of sewing and embroidery on canvas to create repetition, depth, and simplicity. Each work makes use of the features in their modes of creation leading to the creation of a never-ending system of sewing and illusion.

Kang's work has been exhibited in the Master of Art International, Chelsea Gallery, London in 2015 and rewarded for Best Abstract.

Courtesy of the Artist