DG Krueger

DG Krueger’s production includes photographs, prints, sculpture, drawing and paint, as well as conceptual media further afield. “My practice is idea driven- with working methods usually developed in tandem with, or prior to, conceptualizing a specific body of work. I usually like to offer some form of difficulty, sort of redressed in some fashion which one might loosely call beautiful. Sometimes the beauty is in the idea. I believe in looking at beauty and ugliness, light and dark, yin and yang if you will-and shades of gray. That’s life. To me there’s very little which is not fodder for art but I try to keep my practice pretty focused on the execution of any given series. That said, I’m all over the place and that’s who I am as an artist.“

Krueger has exhibited in solo and group shows in and around New York City, including Artist Space, Exit Art, Metaphor Contemporary, LabSpace, Sara Meltzer, Salon 75, Hal Bromm, Kathleen Cullen, numerous benefits. He spent a 3 month residency in the iron foundry of Kohler Co.’s Arts/Industry program where he translated his Homemade Chocolate Covered Sex Polaroids into a wide variety of permanent media.

Courtesy of the Artist