Jason McGroarty

Jason McGroarty is a multi-award winning, self-taught photographic artist who is best known for his conceptual work based around the exploration of various characters and the physical landscapes that surround and define them. Also known for his minimalist approach to photography, McGroarty creates his masterpieces with only entry-level equipment, often building his own lighting, studio’s and props from unwanted materials. This motto has secured sponsors with international top dogs such as Nikon in their ‘Learn & Explore’ project promoting the quality of work that can be achieved with a masterful understanding of light & composition.

McGroarty’s work tours gallery walls all over the world, exhibiting with prestigious names such as The National Arts Club (New York), The Louvre (Paris), Somerset House (London), The Oxo Tower (London), M17 Centre of Contemporary Arts (Ukraine) , GHOST (Seattle) and many more. Featuring in documentaries/interviews with media partners such as BBC, ABC, CNN and RTE, he is a fast-rising star within the contemporary arts scene.