Job & Seletti

SELETTI together with the quirky duo, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel create the craziest and most innovative brand collaboration with unconventional and irresistibly cheeky designsHot dogs, sensual lips, eggs and herbs contaminate the pushy styles of these hyper-realism Pop Artists. Haute couture design becomes prêt-à-porter loaded with a disruptive force that transforms any object into a sculpture. Blow and Un_Limited: Not just a collection of objects. BLOW is a new multi-faceted design brand, aimed at the concept of affordable design. This new family of objects in a “pop” spirit includes rugs, LED lamps, foldable chairs, a set of porcelain plates and mirrors. Its first capsule collection again highlights once more Seletti’s passion for unconventional projects. 

Courtesy of Seletti