Joshua Citarella

Interested in the hazy divide between traditional galleries and the internet, Joshua Citarella employs photography, sculpture, and software to manipulate the semiotics and visual vocabulary of images. A digital artist, Citarella installs his work into physical spaces. With contemporary art and art practice moving to online platforms, Citarella takes advantage of internet aesthetics within his tangible images and installations. Citarella’s work is conceptually and critically grounded in its commentary on contemporary culture’s obsession with alteration, perfection, materiality, and consumption.

Citarella’s work has been displayed in solo exhibitions at Carroll/Fletcher in London and Higher Pictures in New York. In addition, he has contributed to group exhibitions at Steve Turner Contemporary in Los Angeles, Anonymous Gallery in Mexico City, Museum of Image in Breda, Netherlands, Bas Fisher International in Miami, Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, and Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. Citarella also contributes to online satirical projects Ultraviolet Production House, Jogging, and the PSD Show.