Laura Jiménez Galvis

Laura Jiménez Galvis is a lens-based artist living and working in Bogotá, Colombia. Her work has been shown in exhibitions in the United States, France, Spain and Colombia. Mise-en-Scène: Beyond the Photographic, is her most recent exhibition which took place on the occasion of the exchange year France-Colombia Année France-Colombie (2017). In 2015, she was included in the Promising Emerging Artists Selection from Christie’s Education, New York and was commissioned photographer for PIERRE'S, the inaugural issue of The Magazine of The Artist's Institute(New York), under the artistic direction of Pierre Huyghe and Jenny Jaskey, which obtained Most Beautiful Book of the Year Award granted by the Swiss Federal Design Awards (2015). Advances of her mos recent project, The Daughter of the Great Library will be featured in 39NULL Magazin für Gesellschaft und Kultur (2018).

Courtesy of the Artist