Leo Castaneda

Leo Castaneda is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Miami and New York. His work plays with ideas of immersion and mixed reality- the merging of real and virtual worlds. Forms enter and exit various mediums to create a constant feedback loop; images and textures seen in virtual simulations may originate from physical pieces, and vice versa. Working primarily with painting and virtual reality, he uses these and other media such as drawing, interactive sculpture, and animation to deconstruct videogame vocabularies and hierarchies. He breaks down the mediums and hierarchies in order to analyze how they relate to other structures such as those in mythologies, philosophies and corporations.

In 2014 Castaneda received a scholarship from the Cisneros Foundation to attend SOMA Summer in Mexico City, and in 2016 he attended the Of Games III residency on art and gaming at Khoj International Artists Association in New Delhi, India. He has also attended a semester abroad in Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, and studied at the New World School of the Arts in Miami. His work was recently published in the MFA Edition of New American Paintings #123. 

Courtesy of the Artist