Lutz Bacher

Occupying an important position in contemporary art practice, Lutz Bacher’s oeuvre is an enigmatic and eclectic mixture of ideas, full of personal and philosophical significance and frequently driven by tactical humor. Since the beginning of her career in the 1970s, Bacher has drawn upon disconnected information from popular culture and her own life, producing works that play with the interchangeability of identity, sexuality and the human body. Bacher uses images and objects in a physical, sometimes visceral manner, conducting arrangements of seemingly disparate entities and allowing them to interact in new ways. The artist’s expansive work explores human identity as it is defined through gender, sexuality and the human body. Lutz Bacher is as elusive as her work is ambiguous, perhaps preferring not to dictate how her works should be viewed.

Bacher has shown extensively throughout her forty year career and has had a number of international solo exhibitions including but not limited to the Aspen Art Museum, Colorado, National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich, Cabinet, London, MoMA PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York and Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis. 

Courtesy of ICA London