Nathalie du Pasquier

Self-taught artist and designer, Nathalie Du Pasquier, was born in Bordeaux, France, in 1957 and has lived in Milan since 1979. She worked as a designer until 1986 and was a founding member of the Italian design collective, Memphis. Throughout her career, she has designed numerous decorated surfaces, including textiles, carpets, plastic laminates, and some furniture and objects. Painting has been her primary medium since 1987.

As one of the founding members of Memphis (1981–86)—emblematic for many of a postmodern aesthetic—Du Pasquier was initially recognized for her graphic textile patterns, furniture, and carpets. However, beginning in the mid-1980s Du Pasquier shifted her emphasis from the production of utilitarian objects to the abstraction of the everyday through paintings, drawings, and sculptures. This trajectory has instilled in Du Pasquier an approach that is nonhierarchical and that defies disciplinary boundaries.