RJT Haynes

The work of artist RJT Haynes is influenced by the alchemy of line and color. Consistently altering his techniques and materials as each palette becomes familiar, Haynes challenges formulaic painting through a form of negotiation or collaboration. There is no set formula to his work—Haynes sees similarities and connections rather than differences and distinctions— and something as deceptively simple as an apple embodies the whole tree, the blossom, the pollinating insect, the harvest, recipe books, religious and erotic symbolism. His influences, while not immediately discernable, are always present.

Haynes has exhibited throughout the United States and United Kingdom since 2011, including Parrish Art Museum, NY, The Art Movement, London, AAF Battersea, London, Elysium Gallery, Lincoln, Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY, and Water Mill Museum, Water Mill, NY, among others. 

Courtesy of the Artist