Sean Raspet

Sean Raspet’s sculptures, installations, books, and assemblages are made to persuade the viewer to consider the nature of looking at images and the way that they consider the information contained in discrete material combinations. In works that collage industrial materials with consumer goods and substances, Raspet hints at, obscures, and reveals information in complicated puzzles that challenge the viewer, often forcing one to investigate from some physical remove. In one untitled work from 2012, Raspet suspended bright yellow rock-climbing rope, vacuum bags, and splashes of acrylic paint in thick, colorless hair gel within a Plexiglas vitrine. With each element essentially frozen in time, the spidery splashes of paint stopped in three dimensions, viewers are encouraged to consider the juxtaposed components and their painterly formal relationships.

Raspet studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and was a fellow at the Whitney Independent Study Program from 2007-8. His work has been featured in exhibitions at Museum 52 in New York and at the 2008 Palm Beach Biennial.