Trudy Benson

Trudy Benson’s paintings are inspired by the graphic imagery of vintage image software such as MS Paint, and challenge the formal qualities of image-making upon a screen. Her active images consider formal elements of the painted surface—abstract imagery is balanced by her skillful compositions, while thick and thin lines confront the differences between the flat ground and fictional depth in her works. She uses paint in all its forms—an airbrushed line relieves the shallow relief of extruded paint upon the surface, while traditional liquid paint is rolled or brushed onto the surface fluidly. Reminiscent of the all-over paintings of the Abstract Expressionists, her paintings have no beginning or end—the viewer must maintain optic flexibility while sifting through these complicated compositions.

Benson has exhibited at Saatchi Gallery, London, Torrance Art Museum, California, and Pratt Manhattan Gallery, among others.She participated in The Last Brucennial in 2014.