Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

Wolfe von Lenkiewicz’s graphic and baroque paintings, drawings, and prints seamlessly blend and absorb large swathes of this history of art, from Gothic religious votives to contemporary Pop and abstraction. Von Lenkiewicz’s 2010 painting,Tenniel/Picasso, features Walt Disney’s Pinocchio holding a bust portrait of one of the women from Picasso’s Guernica. Behind him is a wall decorated by what appear to be Damien Hirst-like colored dots. This post-modern blend of styles, allusions, and narratives uses figurative and decorative painting as acritical tool in examining the history of images in the western world. Von Lenkiewicz comes from a long line of distinguished painters, with his great-grandfather acting as court painter to King Ludwig II of Bavaria. He has been exhibited in PS1’s pavilion at the 2005 Venice Biennale, Kunstverein Bregenz, Tate London, as well as other distinguished spaces in Europe and the United States.