Brendan Fowler, N. Dash, Letha Wilson,
2012 Artist of the Month Club, 2012

Mixed Media

The Artist of the Month Club (AMC) is a limited edition-by-subscription project launched by INVISIBLE-EXPORTS in 2009. Each year, twelve curators are assembled and are each assigned one month. For their month, they choose an artist who creates a work of art exclusive to AMC.
The list of curators is available at the beginning of each year, but subscribers do not know the identity of the artists beforehand. Artworks may take any size or form. Each year’s edition is limited to 50 subscribers.

Dimensions vary.

Edition of 50

This work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

PRICE: $3,000
    • List of works:
      1. "Pile" by Mike Bouchet. Diet cola on paper. 29.5 in x 42 in.
      2. "Séance" by Ron Athey. Two screen prints on Stonehenge archival paper. 30 in x 20 in.
      3. "Bouvard and Pécuchet's Invented Desk for Copying - Prouvé's Compass Version - Printed" by Gareth Long. 3D print Nylon with aluminum dust. 5 in x 2.5 in x 2.2 in.
      4. "Talking Back" by Jessica Minckley. Archival pigment print. 39.1875 in x 30.1875 in.
      5. "Aspen Legs Circle Fold" by Letha Wilson. Double-sided archival pigment print, hand-cut and folded. 18 in x 13 in.
      6. "Summer 2011- Summer 2012" by Brendan Fowler. Archival pigment print. 11 in x 17 in.
      7. "Occult tourism: Queen Alexandra sanatorium" by Marie Jager. Solar Etching Plate. 15 in x 20 in.
      8. "Fromage Banter" by Grayson Revoir. Archival inkjet print. 27 in x 41 in.
      9. "Untitled" by Anouk Kruithof. Dye sublimation print on aluminum. 8.118 in x 11.811 in.
      10. "darkling" by Letitia Quesenberry. Beeswax and damar resin on panels. 10.25 in x 6 in. Each panel is 5 in x 6 in with a .25 in gap between.
      11. "Florida" by N. Dash. Photogravure. 6.5 in x 10 in on 15.5 in x 18 in paper.
      12. "Untitled (2013 A.D.)" by Martin Oppel. Plaster and acrylic pain. 5 in x 3 in x 1.25 in.
      13. "Hanukkah/Kwanza" by Ms. Vaginal Davis. Screenprintand lipstick on Stonehenge archival paper and newsprint. 25 in x 22.5 in.

      Patrick Ansellem, Bengala, Annette Carlozzi, Lauren Cornell, Carlton DeWoody, Tom Eccles. Todd Levin, Amy Mackie, Risa Needleman, Richard Philips, Stacy Switzer, Simon Watson.

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