Sarah Sze's new exclusive limited edition

Phaidon and Artspace are proud to announce Sarah Sze's new limited edition, Acrobat (2023), produced in celebration of Sarah Sze: Paintings, the artist's new Phaidon monograph. Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition will be donated to FreeArts NYC and Breakthrough Collaborative to support programming and access to arts education.

Acrobat Sarah Sze
Sarah Sze
Acrobat, 2023

Sarah Sze has developed a well-recognized visual language that challenges the static

nature of art with a dynamic body of work spanning sculpture, painting, drawing,

printmaking, video and installation. Rooted in this multidisciplinary practice and inspired by sources from both the physical and digital worlds, Acrobat comprises layered constellations of rendered and found images with hand-torn collage and gold leaf embellishments. Each limited edition print comes accompanied by the new monograph.


“I’m interested in the idea that an image can have this quality of being alive in the making or alive in the dying. It’s something that I’m interested in in all of the work. So what I want is the images, and the paintings, and the prints to feel as if you see their construction, and you see their deconstruction. The process of looking is one of putting things together to create your own structure within the image and also seeing that structure fall apart.” —Sarah Sze