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Dictionary of Forgotten Objects (A) Marilyn Boror Bor
Marilyn Boror Bor
Dictionary of Forgotten Objects (A), 2016

In August 2018, Marilyn Boror Bor legally changed her Mayan Kaqchikel surname to Castillo Novella—names of Spanish origin, associated with two of Guatemala’s richest lineages. Described by the artist as an “embodied durational performance” entitled Edicto cambio de nombre [Edict change of name], the work culminated in 2021 with a mourning procession to a cemetery in Neukölln, Berlin, with a granite tombstone engraved with both of Boror Bor’s names.


What the artist demonstrated through this symbolic action was the painful loss of identity that migrants around the world experience, specifically the widespread practice of “whitewashing” by adopting Western names—an attempt to assimilate that, in effect, erases centuries of family history. In other works, Boror Bor demonstrates how racism and Western dominance are disseminated through semiotics, reminding the viewer—through objects, performances, installations, photographs, and paintings—that verbal and nonverbal language are powerful forms of control.

Prime Collection on Artspace PRIME 2022

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T.S.O. Hybrid
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You Are What You Eat
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Limited Editions Exclusively on Artspace

Limited Editions Exclusively on Artspace

Gargoyle (2021) a recent limited edition print by Prime artist Samara Scott relates to the artist's large-scale, site-specific, mixed-media installation in the 2021 New Museum Triennial, Soft Water Hard Stone. Juxtaposing and intermixing the everyday substances that surround us, Scott layers and collages liquids like fabric conditioners, energy drinks, and hair gel with items such as coins, cigarette butts, and broken jewelry. The limited edition print takes Scott’s alchemical explorations to the glass surface of the flatbed scanner to create a high-definition photographic image.

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