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Kick-off this summer with New Limited Edition Swimwear by Kenny Scharf and John M Armleder available now for a limited time on Artspace

Vilebrequin x John M Armleder - Men Bowling Shirt Linen Gra John Armleder
John Armleder
Vilebrequin x John M Armleder - Men Bowling Shirt Linen Gra, 2022

Curated by JRP|Editions for Vilebrequin, John M Armleder is a Swiss performance artist, painter, and sculptor who has spent four decades developing his own creative vocabulary by mixing mediums, techniques, and movements—“a supermarket of forms,” as he calls it. Teaming an extraordinary visual culture with delegation principles and chance procedures, he exploits the tension between mastery and randomness. His body of work stretches from abstraction to appropriation, and installation to multiples.


John M Armleder has chosen to present two different projects for Vilebrequin: “GRA” and “NOLA.” The first, which will be issued as a men’s swim trunk and bowling shirt, is inspired by Armleder’s renowned “Pour Paintings” series, canvases coated in various materials that appear to have been assembled by chance while retaining a striking formal appeal verging on abstraction. The second swim trunk is an appropriation of a “found image,” reorganized as a pattern and rendered haptic through our ateliers’ flocking expertise.


Vilebrequin x Kenny Scharf - Men Stretch Swim Trunks Tortues Rainbow Multicolor Kenny Scharf
Kenny Scharf
Vilebrequin x Kenny Scharf - Men Stretch Swim Trunks Tortues Rainbow Multicolor, 2022

Curated by JRP|Editions for Vilebrequin, LA-born artist Kenny Scharf -no stranger to beach culture- came up on the New York art scene in the 1980s. Steeped in imagery from 1950s American pop culture, his scenes and characters depict a cartoon-like utopia imbued with vibrant, optimistic colors.



Swimsuits, beachwear, accessories, and games now reside in Kenny Scharf’s colorful cosmos thanks to two limited-edition prints for Vilebrequin: “Faces in Places” and “Tortues Multico Rainbow”. His Pop-Surrealist universe boldly overlaps with the House’s signature joyful DNA. Applying his figures to textile with the same ease he would a wall or canvas, Scharf invites the wearer to consider their “face value,” unimpeded by elitism or inhibitions.

Kenny Scharf’s designs are licensed by Artestar, New York.



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