Soul Bone

OPENING: Jun 2 | CLOSING: Jul 7 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday Jun 1, 5 PM - 8 PM

Rachel Niffenegger  
1709 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622VIEW MAP
Tuesday - Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM

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Works in this exhibition

show image - Baby Waterfall

Rachel Niffenegger

Baby Waterfall

show image - Birth Gnash

Rachel Niffenegger

Birth Gnash

show image - Body Streamer (Agony/Ecstacy Continuum)

Rachel Niffenegger

Body Streamer (Agony/Ecstacy Continuum)

show image - Brain Worm (Short)

Rachel Niffenegger

Brain Worm (Short)

show image - Mind Curling (Double Vision Version)

Rachel Niffenegger

Mind Curling (Double Vision Version)

show image - Notation Blues I

Rachel Niffenegger

Notation Blues I

show image - Nursing Again

Rachel Niffenegger

Nursing Again

show image - Pre Suckage (Blue is Leaving)

Rachel Niffenegger

Pre Suckage (Blue is Leaving)

show image - The Bits

Rachel Niffenegger

The Bits

show image - Versions of Skull Self

Rachel Niffenegger

Versions of Skull Self

show image - Wet Milk (Bulbous)

Rachel Niffenegger

Wet Milk (Bulbous)

show image - What Remains

Rachel Niffenegger

What Remains

show image - When Slime Hardens

Rachel Niffenegger

When Slime Hardens

show image - Womb Water I

Rachel Niffenegger

Womb Water I

show image - Womb Water II

Rachel Niffenegger

Womb Water II

show image - Young Sockets (Premature Ascension)

Rachel Niffenegger

Young Sockets (Premature Ascension)

show image - A Soul Bone Catalouge

Rachel Niffenegger

A Soul Bone Catalouge

show image - Blushing Screen

Rachel Niffenegger

Blushing Screen

show image - Eva C's Source Material (Spirit in the Machine)

Rachel Niffenegger

Eva C's Source Material (Spirit in the Machine)

show image - In Her(e)

Rachel Niffenegger

In Her(e)

show image - Last Impression (Blue Wash)

Rachel Niffenegger

Last Impression (Blue Wash)

show image - Petrified Arch (Purple Skin)

Rachel Niffenegger

Petrified Arch (Purple Skin)

show image - Pussy Plasm (w/cartilage)

Rachel Niffenegger

Pussy Plasm (w/cartilage)

show image - Screen Based Spirit Baby

Rachel Niffenegger

Screen Based Spirit Baby

show image - Spiral Unravels (of Ribs)

Rachel Niffenegger

Spiral Unravels (of Ribs)

show image - Stretched Ecto (Soul Outline)

Rachel Niffenegger

Stretched Ecto (Soul Outline)

show image - Suckage (Over Flesh Face)

Rachel Niffenegger

Suckage (Over Flesh Face)

show image - Transcendence of Yvonne de Bray

Rachel Niffenegger

Transcendence of Yvonne de Bray

show image - Twin Flames

Rachel Niffenegger

Twin Flames

show image - What It's Like (2015-2018)

Rachel Niffenegger

What It's Like (2015-2018)

show image - Stretched Ecto (Skull Outline)

Rachel Niffenegger

Stretched Ecto (Skull Outline)


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