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Studio Visit

Marianne Vitale


Marianne Vitale
A view of Marianne Vitale's new Frieze Projects piece being constructed

The artist Marianne Vitale is having a breakout spring, with a massive sculptural installation in the Frieze Art Fair's Frieze Projects section—an excerpt of an old tobacco barn she sourced from upstate New York, bringing an emblem of rusticity and the frontier to the blue-chip proceedings—paired with a new show at Zach Feuer Gallery, "Diamond Crossing," that places railroad tracks in a crisscrossing pattern throuhout the space. Prior to the debut of these shows, we stopped by her spacious Long Island City studio for a view of her work in progress, and a glimpse of her raw and aggessive artistic process.

Click here to read our interview with Marianne Vitale.

 photo photo30_zps621dfcef.jpg

Railroad tracks from Vitale's new Zach Feuer show

 photo photo29_zps03496aef.jpg

Another new sculpture in process relating to the "Diamond Crossing" show

 photo photo19_zpsb737e755.jpg

A miniature version of the full-sized sculptures of torched covered bridges from Vitale's Burned Bridges series

 photo photo18_zps23545908.jpg

A cast-bronze demon from one of Vitale's earlier sci-fi-inspired series.

 photo photo23_zps680efbd9.jpg

The rude tools of the trade.

 photo photo28_zps54da8870.jpg

A buzzard, feared symbol of the Western frontier, watches over the proceedings. 

 photo photo22_zps715b76bc.jpg

From a new series in progress, a sculpture cast from the artist doing a "too-much-Satan-for-one-hand" heavy-metal salute. 

 photo photo26_zpsaefbf740.jpg

More raw material, with a trio of Douche Bag sculptures in the foreground—bronze casts of the unfairly maligned hygienic device. 

 photo photo37_zps7069b21d.jpg

One of the artist's much-in-demand wall pieces—combining the forms of painting, sculpture, and, yes, a barn door—in progress 

 photo photo21_zps146daa12.jpg

A partial view of Vitale's Frieze Projects sculpture as she was adding the finishing touches

 photo photo35_zpsd949e548.jpg

Another view of the Frieze Projects piece in the studio.

 photo photo31_zps94d9725e.jpg

Old shingles pried from the tobacco barn lie in a corner.

 photo photo36_zps7fb7fe44.jpg

Marianne Vitale's sculpture as installed at the Frieze Art Fair


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