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Astrology for Artists: Cancers, You're In Luck... If You Toughen Up


Astrology for Artists: Cancers, You're In Luck... If You Toughen Up

In this new monthly series on Artspace, The Artists's Astrologer (a.k.a. Robert Grand) offers yearly astrology forecasts for a single zodiac sign each month, and suggests how to apply your horoscope to your studio practice. For those of you with birthdays from June 22 to July 22, here is your Cancer horoscope:

“At the Royal College of Art in those days,” David Hockney (July 9) once recounted, “there was a stipulation that [...] in your diploma show you had to have at least three paintings done from life. I had a few quarrels with them over it because I said the models weren't attractive enough.” Hockney fought with the administration, arguing that “any great painter of the nude has always painted nudes that he liked,” adding, “I thought they were ignoring feeling and they shouldn’t.” 

You need to move through this year with that same level of unwavering confidence, Cancer. Trust yourself and your vision—and make sure others come to respect it as well. You’re known for being sensitive and intuitive, but now’s the time to toughen up a little bit. Focus on strengthening your claws and your outer shell—don’t forget, you are a crab after all! 

The sun enters your sign on the summer solstice and helps boost your confidence to before-unseen levels. You’ll feel incredibly inspired and adventurous for the rest of the season. This is the perfect time to try working in a new medium or to revisit an older body of work that initially proved unsuccessful. 

Now, Cancer, I can’t see you, but I’m sure you’re reading this with both eyebrows raised. After all, you thought last year was going to be your year, full of exciting opportunities and career-defining moments. You were motivated like never before but it didn’t quite come together. You were relegated to the sidelines as close friends were included in exhibition after exhibition. You were shortlisted for that residency you've applied for countless times but were ultimately rejected again. You went to China Chalet and ran into that curator who visited your studio twice—and yet, he still can’t remember your name. Well, Cancer, it’s time to shed that anger and the poisonous cynicism that sprouted from it. This is your year, I’m sure of it—make sure you believe it too.

In November, the Moon enters your sign while the Sun moves into Scorpio. You should use this moment to closely examine your relationships with other creatives. After this summer’s period of rebirth and creative fulfillment, are those closest to you supportive of your work and truly happy for your newfound recognition? Or are they idly hanging around, hoping that some of your success will rub off on them if they stand close enough? You’re a natural when it comes to reading people’s intentions—now, though, you’ll have the confidence to act on these suspicions. Don’t be afraid to call out those who don’t appreciate all you have to offer. 

Again, Cancer, a great year lies ahead—as long as you move through the world with the upmost confidence. Stay fiercely aware of your value and how much your contributions matter. 

NOTABLE CANCERS: Tracey Emin, David Hockney, Edward Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Pipilotti Rist, Andrew Wyeth


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