Roman Moriceau

Born 1973
Hometown France
Lives and Works Berlin, Germany
DNSEP, École des beaux‐arts d’Angers, France, 2003

Roman Moriceau Gallery Art

A Berlin-based artist marked by the time he spent in the Martin Margiela fashion house, Roman Moriceau explores, subverts and alters our relationship with an individualistic consumer world. Aware that he is steering his boat through the troubled waters of a society in the process of being sucked in by a series of “i’s” (pods, phone, pads)—all of which have now become genuine fictions— Moriceau  questions what his range of action might be within an art world that has already gone through modernism and every other possible “ism”, “post” and “hyper.”

Each piece functions initially through seduction, then through the museum labels and/or taking time to look in detail, a critical gaze emerges. The interpretation-significance dialectic kicks in—a tension testing the notion of “aesthetic validation.” Moriceau is determined to make a contribution to “Knowledge.” Such an ambition is written into the DNA of all his work. Even as he spells out his love for things handmade, he is hypnotically drawn to mass-market retailing. Moriceau is fascinated by the power of the images that assail us, yet disappointed by their low-grade quality. He plays around with this phenomenon, muddying the waters.

Moriceau has shown his work in solo exhibitions at Galerie Derouillon, Paris, Archiraar Gallery, Brussels, SMOG, Kunsthaus Jesteburg, Germany, Musée des Beaux arts, Angers, France, and Maison Martin Margiela, Tokyo. Group exhibitions include Hors-les-Murs FIAC, Paris, Galerie Kai Erdmann, Hamburg, Galerie Xenon, Bordeaux, and Backslash Gallery, Paris, among others. 

Courtesy of Archiraar Gallery

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