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How to Pronounce the Most Deceptive Gallery Names

How to Pronounce the Most Deceptive Gallery Names

The becalmed days of summer are upon us, with the art world gearing up for its annual August disappearing act and the antic joys of summer shows beginning to wane. Sure, you could use this time to simply head to the beach and forget about it all for a while. Or... you could muscle up for September by filling the embarrassingly gaping holes in your artspeak fluency, ensuring that you avoid the contretemps of mispronouncing the names of some of the biz's most important galleries. To assist in this noble effort, we've compiled a handy guide—the latest in our series—to mellifluously saying the thornier names properly, so you never find yourself tongue-tied at the art-fair booth of Galerie Gmurzynska or mangle your praise for the latest show atGaleria Fortes Vilaça.

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A Gentil Carioca (Rio de Janeiro) — AH jen-TCHIEW CA-ree-OH-kah
Almine Rech Gallery
(Paris, Brussels) — al-MEE-nuh RECK
Andréhn-Schiptjenko (Stockholm) — AHND-ren ship-TEN-ko
Asya Geisberg Gallery (New York) — ahz-EE-ah GUYS-berg
Balice Hertling (Paris) — baahl-LEE-chay HERT-ling
Carolina Nitsch (New York) — KAH-row-LEE-nah NEETZCH
Cheim & Read (New York) — CHIME and REED
Chemould Prescott Road (Mumbai) — KEM-old press-COTT ROAD
David Zwirner (New York, London) — ZVIR-ner
Dominique Lévy Gallery (New York) — DOH-min-EEEK LAY-vee
Dvir Gallery (Tel Aviv) — DUH-veer 
Edward Tyler Nahem (New York) — ED-ward TY-ler nay-HEM
Esther Schipper (Berlin) — EST-ah SHIP-pah 
Freymond-Guth Fine Arts (Zürich) — FRY-mann GUTH
Gagosian (Hic et ubique) — gah-GO-zhen
Galerie Eigen + Art (Berlin & Leipzig) — gallery AY-gen ART
Galerie Eva Presenhuber (Zürich) — gallery AY-vah PREZ-en-HOO-bear
Galeria Fortes Vilaça (São Paulo) — galleria FORTS vee-LAS
Galerie Gisela Capitain (Cologne) — gallery gi-ZAY-lah CA-pee-TAN
Galerie Gmurzynska (Zürich) — gallery GUR-zin-SKA
Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin) — gallery iza-BELLA BOR-to-LOWTZ-ee
Galería Juana de Aizpuru (Madrid) — HOO-an-ah DAY ice-POO-roo
Galerie Karsten Greve (Cologne) — gallery CAR-sten GREV
Galeria Luisa Strina (São Paulo) — gallery-ah lou-EEZ-ah STREE-nah
Galerie Perrotin (Paris, Hong Kong, New York) — gallery perr-row-TAN
Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Salzburg, Paris) — gallery tadd-AY-us ROPE-ack
Galerie Thomas Schulte (Berlin) — gallery TOE-mas SHULE-teh
Galerie Urs Meile (Lucerne, Beijing) — gallery URZ MILE-ee
Galleria Franco Noero (Torino) — gallery-a FRAN-ko no-ER-oh
Georg Kargl Fine Arts (Vienna) — GYORG KARG-guh
Hauser & Wirth (Zürich, London, & New York) — HOW-zah and (optional: und) VIRTH
Helga Maria Klosterfelde (Hamburg) — HELL-gah ma-REE-ah KLOSS-ter-FELD
Helly Nahmad Gallery (New York) — HELL-ee NAH-maad
Hionas Gallery (New York) — HI-o-nas 
Johann König (Berlin) — YO-hann KEUH-nig
John Szoke (New York) — JOHN ZO-key
Josée Bienvenu Gallery (New York) — JO-zay BYAN-venn-NEW
kamel mennour (Paris) — CAH-mel men-NOOR
Kate Werble Gallery (New York) — KATE VERB-ull
Kendall Koppe (Glasgow) — ken-DAHL COP
Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery (New York) — KLAUWZ von NEET-sha-gend
Knowmoregames (Brooklyn) — Know More Games, just said really fast
Kukje Gallery (Seoul) — COO-k-TAY gallery 
kurimanzutto (Mexico City) — KOO-ree-man-ZUTTO
Labor (Mexico City) — laah-BOAR
Limoncello (London) — LEE-mon-CHELL-oh
Luhring Augustine (New York) — LOO-ring AW-gust-een
Luxembourg & Dayan (New York, London) — LUXE-em-BOOORG and die-YAN
P.P.O.W. (New York) — PEE PEE OH DUB-el-YOO
Maccarone (New York) — mah-kah-ROAN
Mehdi Chouakri (Berlin) — meh-DEE schwa-KREE  
Meyer Riegger (Karlsruhe, Berlin) — my-UR REE-grr 
Michael Werner (New York, London) — VER-ner
Miguel Abreu Gallery (New York) — mi-GEL a-BREW
Mihai Nicodim Gallery (Los Angeles) — Me-HAI nico-DEEM
Mnuchin Gallery (New York) — NEW-kin gallery
Neue Alte Brücke (Frankfurt) — NOY AL-teh BROO-kuh
neugerriemschneider (Berlin) — NOY-ger-RIM-schny-dur  
Nicelle Beauchene Gallery — Nee-KELL boh-SHAYNE 
Niels Borch Jensen (Copenhagen) — NEELS BORSH JEN-zen
Overduin & Co. (Los Angeles) — OVER-dune
Reena Spaulings Fine Art (New York )— REE-nah SPALL-ingz
Richard Telles Fine Art (Los Angeles) – Richard TELLS 
Sies + Höke (Dusseldorf) — SEIZE + HOK-eh
Sikkema Jenkins & Co. (New York) — SICK-em-ah JENK-ins
Simone Subal (New York) — see-MOAN sue-BALL
Skarstedt Gallery (New York) — SCAR-stedt
Société (Berlin) — sose-EE-eh-TAY
Sperone Westwater (New York) — sper-OH-knee 
Sprüth Magers (Berlin, London) — SPROOTH MAY-gers
Van de Weghe Fine Art (New York) — VAN duh VAY 
Xavier Hufkens (Brussels) — ZAH-vee-air HUFF-kins 
Yvon Lambert (Paris) — ee-VON lamb-BEAR


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