On the Wall

Curator Nessia Pope


Curator Nessia Pope

This sunlit corner of my apartment in New York is filled with art that I have bought over the years, or which was given to me by the artists. The works all have a history; they evoke memories and friendships. For instance, I had a very beautiful Seascape by Hiroshi Sugimoto that I sold few years ago. A few days later, a package arrived at my apartment. It was Hurricane, 2001, a photograph of the sea by Clifford Ross—a gift from the artist. It hangs in the same place that the Sugimoto once did, and I cherish it as much, if not more. The images in the photo above showcase some of my favorite pieces and to the right, I've a curated a selection of works from these artists and others available on Artspace.

1. I was drawn to this photograph by Louise Lawler, Mao (1990/1991), because it shows the work of two heroes of mine, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, at an auction house. And it was affordable.

2. & 3. Bless Cindy! These are unlimited editions by Cindy ShermanUntitled (1975/1997) and Untitled (1975/2011)—that I bought at Metro Pictures back in the 1980s for about $150 each. They inspired me to publish large photography editions, first in Brazil and then in the USA. I will always be indebted to Cindy's generosity.

4. These are two 12th-century stone urns from Timor in Southeast Asia. I haven't figured out what they were used for. To keep food, or possessions for the afterlife? Maybe ashes? But I love their massive volume. They have an amazing presence.

5. This Wiggle Stool (1972) by Frank Gehry transcends the whole idea of furniture and feels more like a sculpture. Not everyone enjoys seating on this stool, though, because it wiggles.

6. This is a print by Brice Marden from 1986. It is so delicate and peaceful.

Nessia Pope is an Artspace curator with more than 20 years of curatorial experience.


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