Collector Michael Hort's 11 Favorite Works at Art Basel and Liste


Collector Michael Hort's 11 Favorite Works at Art Basel and Liste
The scene at the Liste art fair in Basel.

Among New York City's most accomplished collectors of work by emerging artists, Michael and Susan Hort have proven remarkably adept over the last several decades at spotting major talents at early points of their careers—an ability that has helped them amass important pieces by artists like Chris Ofili, Adrian Ghenie, Richard Prince, and John Currin. Today the Horts restlessly keep their eye on the vanguard, often collecting rising artists from more experimental galleries in New York and abroad. They also provide them with grants and other critical support through their Rema Hort Foundation, a charitable organization named in honor of their late daughter, who died of cancer at the age of 30 in 1995. 

This week, the Horts toured the fairs in Basel to scout the latest work coming out of the international contemporary art scene. Below are a few of Michael Hort's favorite works at Art Basel and Liste.

 photo c2c342d6-1a9e-4a44-b5c4-026e0da4197c_zps8a8160a0.jpg

1. Oscar Murillo's At Times Everything Hits You in the Face — And I'm Like This Shit Just Needs to Work (2013) at Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Art Basel

 photo saraceno_zps53da03ed.jpg

2. Tomás Saraceno's illuminated spider-web sculptures (2013) at Esther Schipper Gallery, Art Basel

 photo c403ec98-fa53-4dd4-b0e7-f7cf3c58e249_zps6e0ce13d.jpg

3. Billy Childish's Through the Ice (2013) at neugerriemschneider, Art Basel photo a4005739-612d-477c-8cb4-a3bed0dbf150_zpsbe0a2733.jpg

4. Jakub Julian Ziółkowski's Untitled (2013) at Foksal Gallery, Art Basel

 photo 5e43b237-1079-4aec-81ba-312a3383967d_zps62c60264.jpg

5. Armin Boehm's Morphin (2012) at Meyer Riegger, Art Basel

 photo 3ada0a86-dbe6-44b2-94e1-d93ec9326808_zps9b840867.jpg

6. Joe Pestoni's Pinned Down (2013) at David Kordansky, Art Basel

 photo ea18b593-9cd9-4782-9568-f2e23c1a2999_zps703da38f.jpg

 7. Idris Khan's Untitled, London (2013) at Sean Kelly Gallery, Art Basel

 photo ecadee8b-2b09-4fb4-a253-0d739b4b1fac_zps49d602e6.jpg

8. Jonas Wood's Still Life With Two Tables (2013) at Anton Kern Gallery, Art Basel
 photo ba2f074b-323d-47d4-bb72-9947b3b83a2b_zps8c2f0908.jpg

9. Rafał Bujnowski's Untitled (2013) at Raster, Liste

 photo 2a17d29c-891a-4733-865b-bc7ccef81052_zpsc223e232.jpg

10. Matt Saunders's Rose Hobart series (2013) at Harris Lieberman, Liste

 photo 382d0e2b-8aac-456e-8b34-1327a974c343_zps5ce43420.jpg

11. Alex Olson's Proposal 18 (2013) at Laura Bartlett Gallery, Liste


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