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How Your Horoscope Affects Your Creativity this Taurus Season


How Your Horoscope Affects Your Creativity this Taurus Season
Pablo Picasso wearing a bull’s head intended for bullfighters’ training, Cannes, 1959. Photo via Spectator

Dear, darling, and delicious artists—

As we exit Aries season, it’s important to reflect on the pungent, irrepressible garbage fire that defined early spring of 2019. The sign of the Ram is known for its passion, impulsivity, and hair-trigger aggression, which begs the question... are y’all okay? Kids still alive? Car repossessed yet? No?

Congratulations, you escaped unscathed!

If you departed this melodramatic astrological cycle sans black eye or criminal record, you’re already waaaaay ahead of the curve. April 20th ushered in Taurus season, a full and welcome 180 from the Cardinal chaos of its horny brethren. There’s extra significance, too—it’s the first move of the Sun after the astrological new year, so prepare for the flavor of concretization as May creeps upon us. Taurus, the Bull, is a fixed earth sign, taking a slow, methodical, and grounded approach to the tangible world. Ruled by Venus, Taurus energy manifests in all things material, and those with any bovine traces in their charts gravitate markedly towards the finer things in life, (insert  some sort of “treat yo' self” meme here). They’re also stubborn as all get-out, which can prove a productive boon as we transition from a frenetic Aries outlook to a slightly more practical mode of operation. In other words, let all this Taurus pragmatism help you pick up and pack off the passion projects you may have undertaken during that March-April flurry of interest and intention.

Buckle down.

Get it done.

Uranus, the planetary harbinger of change, has recently moved into Taurus, however, so keep an eye out for ambivalence; icky feelings about the routine we’re all cosmically encouraged to build this season may signal a restless, stifled heart or mind.


You’re an artist, right? Perfect! Check out what’s in store for you under the Auspices of the Bull.


March 21-April 19

Vincent Van Gogh, March 30th, 1853. Image via Smithsonian 

Aries! We were just talking about you! Don’t get your brushes in a bunch, now; I know you’ve got a thousand ideas rambling around the ol’ noggin, but please, please, please try to make sure your finances are together before you make any big creative moves. That means if you’re a painter who suddenly feels the urge to work in porcelain or steel, don’t call up any fabrication friends for a favor—perfect what you’re already good at, and save your damn money. Summer is looking exceptionally bright for you, Aries, and you’ve got some huge opportunities looming on the horizon (sexy foreign residency? solo show?) so keep your head down and your Venmo as inactive as humanly possible.

Also, a note: don’t waste your time throwing yourself at a wall. Sometimes obstacles exist for a reason. If a concept isn’t working, your collaboration sucks, or all that finicky research is leading you nowhere, drop it and walk away. I get that you’re, like, spectacularly bad at that, but remember, sometimes you have to de-center the opera inside for the sake of good output. It’s not all about you!


April 20-May 20

Joan Miro, April 20th, 1893 via Fundacio Joan Miro 

It’s time to celebrate yourself, my cow-eyed angel! You’re in full, primal power this month, Taurus, and I’m terribly excited for you. What opportunities for growth there are! This is the perfect time to learn a new skill , sign up for a class, and take some professional and creative risks. Okay, I know risks aren’t really your scene, so to speak, but seriously, if you’ve been sitting on a grant application you’re certain you won’t get or a new material exploration that seems too daunting to start, sharpening the step-by-step approach you do so well will only serve you in the long run. Revel in yourself—you’ve got this!


May 21 - June 20

Mary Cassatt, May 23, 1844. Image via Met Museum 

Aw, hi, baby weirdo. Unsurprisingly, you’re of two minds these days. You may be feeling a little unmoored, untethered, or disconnected from your own corporeal nature lately, but that ever-evasive quest for meaning is coming up roses at long last. This earthy, sensual astrological shift will only help you feel more grounded as you reassess your artistic priorities. I’d recommend concentrating hard on a daily drawing or collage practice, or pushing your current project into a more modular arena. Keep your hand in and turn the world off while you remember why you’re making stuff in the first place. The scene you run with may feel a little loud, too, so don’t feel bad about hibernating a tad this month. No one’s going to forget about you, I promise.


June 21 - July 22

Frida Kahlo, July 6, 1907. Image via National Geographic

My sensitive crustacean! Hard on the outside and all-too-squishy within. Taurus season will mark a series of welcome but difficult shifts for you. You need that earthen foundation to make the changes required for all the new, beautiful excitement down the pipe. Are you taking care of everyone else except yourself, again? Are you retreating to your bed instead of getting out there and gleaning inspiration from your wider environment? Push your work, reinforce your interpersonal boundaries (for God's sake), and make something you’ve never made before, Cancer. Stop second-guessing yourself because you’re overwhelmed. Everybody gets overwhelmed! Channel all that rogue sensitivity into something gorgeous. 


July 23-August 22

Jenny Holzer, July 29th, 1950. Image via Dazed Magazin 

Okay, you big pussycat; Aries season may have lit a fire under your already fiery behind, but you’ve still been met with some unexpected setbacks—rejections, unsalvageable material mistakes, and maybe even some professional malfeasance. You’re a prideful one, so you may be feeling tarnished, embarrassed, and discarded. Treat Taurus season as a reset. You should spend this time preparing for a huge breakthrough that’s slated for early fall, which sounds way further afield than it actually is. You’re going to be a bright, glowing art star soon! Dwelling on the past when the future is imminent won’t get you anywhere, and exercising patience doesn’t mean you’ll lose momentum. Don’t despair, Leo; the stars have got your back.


August 23 - September 22

Ai WeiWei, August 28th, 1957. Image via DW

Aries season was tough for you, Virgo! The arrival of the bull will prove a tonic for your wounded, earthen heart, providing just the drive and stimulation you need to pull yourself out of this creative rut. I’d recommend some reading. Get in the studio, assess the situation, and learn more about why you’re so doggedly dedicated to the gestures and aesthetics you cling to so dearly. It’s crunch time, my exacting friend, so put those organizational skills to work as you embark on a more academic angle to your practice. Feed your brain, and the rest will follow.

September 23-October 22

Carolee Schneemann, October 12, 1939. Image via MoMA

Look at you, you hot, diplomatic thing. You’ve enjoyed back-to-back full moons in your sign of late, Libra, so Taurus season is gearing up to be just about as alchemical as they come. Harness that untapped intuition by applying it to your artwork. Follow through on every hunch. Safeguard every last fleeting image. Collect reference pictures, give into whatever habits or rituals you’ve previously deemed too pretentious to indulge, and get full-tilt weird with it; you’ll love the results. Try to keep in mind that your quest for balance and propriety may shield you from real, formative conflict; its best to say what’s on your mind, and given the bull-like penchant for inflexibility, your slippery relationship to disagreement might very well be tested in the weeks to come. Stay true to what you know feels right, okay?


October 23 - November 21

Ana Mendieta, November 18th, 1948. Image via Musee Magazine

Alright, my sexy succubus; Taurus’ grounding energy means that you’re craving partnership and connection, so maybe it’s time to factor in a little vulnerability to your typically solo act. Scorpios are somewhat misunderstood, in my experience. Your kind is intense and vengeful, yes, but you’re also caring, compassionate, and fiercely, fiercely loyal. Have you thought about collaboration? Maybe now’s the time to work on a performance with a trusted friend, or put some heads together in service of an exhibition, zine, or fund-raising initiative. The frank perception of reality in Taurus will help soften your spikes and open you up to new artistic directions, but keep tabs on your emotional flow; turmoil lies in wait where things remain unsaid. Don’t let your passion take the wheel just yet.


November 22 - December 21

Helen Frankenthaler, December 12, 1928. Image via Artnet

My precious, head-strong Sag. Taurus’ earthy essence has got you feeling your oats, and that trademark independence is vibrating at an even higher frequency than usual. Harness your charm into a networking offensive this month; your planets are centered and ready to fire off all the delightful quips you’re so lauded for, so don’t worry about censoring your humor, (not that you’ve ever actually tried that before in your whole entire life, but... that's none of my business). Folks are sure to love your ideas this May, so strike while the iron is as hot as you are. Watch your tone, though... Jupiter's positioning might drum up some misconstrual if you're not careful. 

December 22 - January 19

 Eva Hesse, January 11, 1936. Image via Hamburger Kunsthalle

Capricorn, FOMO queen, why are you so wrapped around the axel? Taurus is encouraging an inward turn for you this month, so while you’re rediscovering the un-tended softness of your heart, try imbuing your artwork with the vulnerability you’re normally loathe to expose. Since romance is afoot for you, don’t shy away from creating personal totems or correspondence as part of your practice; it might start some drama, but you’re usually down for emotional fisticuffs, right? As Taurus’ stagnancy intersects with your iconic bossy attitude, don’t succumb to a stick-in-the-mud response to critique. A trusted friend is not a hater, and it’s perfectly possible that your sculpture or video could just kind of... suck. Imperfection is not a death sentence, it’s a prerequisite to advancement. Keep grinding and stay perceptive. 

January 20 - February 18

Joan Mitchell, February 12, 1925. Image via Artsy

Alien of my heart, 2019 has been an absolute whirlwind for you so far. How do you keep it all together? Finally, Taurus season will provide some much needed respite from the maelstrom. Do you know what the stars are telling you, Aquarius? To relax, chill out, and engage in some major introspection. For you, this is not the month to make an ambitious new body of work. Don’t feel any guilt about being a lazy or invalid artist just because you need a breather. You’re allowed to take time off! You're allowed to look within. Conserve your resources. Gather the emotional troops. Trust that pretty gut, grab a blanket, and rise back to consciousness when Gemini season knocks.


February 19 - March 20

Caprese Michelangelo, March 6, 1475. Image via University of Rochester

Last, but never least, my fine, fishy friend, you’re about to experience a sudden surge of creative juice! Don’t blink, Pisces; chase exhilaration down like you’re racing it off the road, and use Taurus season as an opportunity to gamble. This energy renewal may be short-lived, so try to make your efforts count. Stretch the giant canvas, book the venue, and send the risky email—now’s the time. I’d also advocate for a more concerted effort at social practice, whether that involves readings, outreach, teaching or public programming; your pitch-perfect sensitivity to the needs of others should equip you ideally for this endeavor. Don’t get shy or undersell yourself; just because you're in your feelings doesn't mean everybody else is going to be. 


So, moral of the story? Astrology may not be real, but...Trump is president and the planet's dying, so if we're standing on thin ice, we might as well dance, right?


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