Alphachanneling's work is most known for its simplicity of forms and its ecstatic depiction of holistic, erotic scenes. Primarily using watercolors and colored pencil, the artist portrays a light immediacy with fleeting, gestural figurations. The lyrical bodies in Alphachanneling's work are composed of gracefully applied, free-flowing marks and lines and draw reference to ancient tantric drawings. The artist is inspired by Taoism, Hiduism, Buddhis, and Tantrism, as these idealogies present sexuality as an expression of a higher realm. The interaction of forms creates a symmetry and balance, much like a yin and yang. Plantlife plays a major role in the artist's work, particularly the lotus flower, representing beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening. 

Alphachanneling's first solo exhibition, Utopian Erotic, was displayed at Jack Hanley Gallery. The artist's work has appeared in group exhibitions at galleries including The Hole in New York; Superchief Gallery in Los Angeles; and 247365 Gallery in Brooklyn. The artist lives and works in Oakland, California.