Michelle Hailey

Using traditional painting languages of landscape, still-life, and architecture, Hailey investigates the idea of both studio spaces and mirrors as repositories of ephemera—stage sets in which current desires, memories, and ideas of one’s self collide. By combining her own photos, historical photographs and art history references along with a variety of both painting and drawing techniques, the work alludes to both literal and metaphoric representations one’s life.

Through an unlikely combinations of images and a mixture of techniques—ranging from realistic rendering, to broken sketch work to abstract representations—Hailey creates a collaged aesthetic, where in the totality of each work, reveals or conceals a narrative in various depths and reminds us of the complexity of identity.

Hailey has had solo shows at Dorsch Gallery in Miami and 106 Green in Brooklyn. Group exhibitions include Dorsch Gallery in Miami and at Plane Space, Jack Tilton Gallery and Storefront Gallery in New York.

Courtesy of the Artist