204 Haus Crafters

204 Haus Crafters is the creation of Kim Masson and Teo González, a best-selling author, and a world-renowned painter. Separately, they’ve sold countless books and have artwork in MoMA and 18 other museum collections. Together, they are a happily married couple who's joined forces to bring their unique vision to the world of home décor.

Masson and González have been making coasters to decorate their home for years—referring to them as "little paintings with a purpose." At dinner parties and studio visits, inevitably their coasters always became a topic of conversation. Everyone wanted a set. After years of requests, they caved in and opened up 204 Haus Crafters for all to enjoy!

The products are handmade in limited batches inside their Brooklyn loft. Making paint colors from pure pigments (just like Da Vinci!), laying resin, and hand-dying acrylic are all parts of the job. It's the little details that are at the heart of everything they do.