Abdolreza Aminlari

Abdolreza Aminlari’s work focuses on the possibilities presented when repetition is embedded within the history of sewing. His thread drawings reference geometry, pattern, and urban infrastructure.  Employing iterations of standard geometric shapes, Aminlari layers single threads until new imagery emerges. The final outcome is abstract and not immediately referential. For the artist, the ritualistic and repetitive process of making these works is essentially one of domestic labor, and the physical passage of time becomes an indispensable experience for both him and the viewer.

Aminlari has had solo and group exhibitions at Taymour Grahne Gallery (New York), Andrew Rafacz Gallery (Chicago), Jackie Klempay Gallery (Brooklyn), Longhouse Projects Gallery (New York), Storefront Bushwick (Brooklyn), and Derfner Judaica Museum (Bronx).  He also collaborated with composer Katharina Rosenberger on “Gesang an das noch namenlose Land,” a string trio composition accompanied by Aminlari's tapestries, commissioned by Gare du Nord, Basel.

Courtesy of the Artist