Agathe Bouton

Agathe Bouton, a printmaker from Paris who has also lived in London, Burma/Myanmar, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Turkey, creates work that responds to her experiences during her travels and the cultures she encountered. Her Indigo series of wood engravings were inspired by the natural dyes and traditional shape of a pleated skirt typical of the eastern Shan State in Burma/Myanmar. Bouton layered color on color through multiple printings to give depth to her radial lines and concentric circles. Working with large sheets of plywood, she engraves with small sculpting tools, then prints by hand onto handmade local paper, producing a unique piece of art each time.

Bouton earned her BFA and MFA from the ESAA Duperré in Paris, and has exhibited her work in Europe, Australia, Japan, India, West Africa, Myanmar, Turkey, and the US. She is a member of 3rd Street Gallery, the Main Line Art Center, InLiquid, and the Center for Emerging Visual Artists. She has won numerous awards in the US and abroad, and her work can be found in the permanent collections of several French institutions.

Courtesy of Susanna W. Gold, Ph.D