Agnès Thurnauer

Agnès Thurnauer is a French-Swiss self-taught painter. Her work approaches the question of the pictorial language, and opens up a space where figuration and abstraction dialogue to give birth to new visions. Writing, matter, and framing are all colors in her painter’s palette. Her recent sculptural work is a three-dimensional extension of this pictorial language: as in her paintings, the gaze moves among the shapes of letters, generating new readings every time. For Agnès Thurnauer, it’s not only the painting which makes the spectator, but also “the spectator who makes the painting.” Her work activates this living interface—this mutual reading between art and the spectator.

Agnès Thurnauer had exhibitions in international museums and art centers including Pompidou Center in Paris, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, CCCB Rio, and SMAK Gent.

Courtesy of Galerie Valerie Bach