Agus Purnomo

Born in Kendal on the north coast of Central Java in 1975, Agus ‘baqul’ Purnomo is no stranger to the art scene. He has been creating artwork for over a decade, since his college years at the Indonesian Institute of Art, Yogyakarta (ISI). Since March 2007, he has been exploring abstract paintings using numbers as its basic element. In using this technique to respond to natural and cosmic themes, Agus has developed his own unique style of abstract impressionism. His works have been shown at various exhibitions and galleries throughout Indonesia as well as in Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. He has also participated in numerous visual art projects. His works are currently in the collection of the Taiwan National Museum and the Museum of Small Arts, Malaysia (MoSA). His works focus on Arabic calligraphy and numbers. He brings vitality, light, and energy to his paintings.