Agustin Bejarano

Agustín Bejarano graduated with a degree in Painting from the National School of Art in 1984, and in 1989, received a degree in Engraving from the Superior Institute of Art. He has taught engraving at the National School of Art in Cuba and Monterrey University in Mexico. In 1995, he received an award at the 11th Latin American and Caribbean Engraving Biennial in Puerto Rico, and in 1997, he received the Grand Prix at the National Engraving Salon in Cuba. He has participated in many international art fairs and biennials in cities such as Miami and Chicago and the Mini Print Triennial of the Tama University Art Museum in Tokyo, Japan. He was included in the exhibit Beauty and Force organized by the Elkon Gallery in New York alongside the works of renowned Latin American visual artists such as Diego Rivera, Roberto Matta, Wifredo Lam, Rufino Tamayo, and Fernando Botero, among others. In 2004, he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Painting Salon of the Society of French Artists. He was awarded the Distinction for National Culture and the Diploma for Artistic Merit of the Superior Institute of Art for his outstanding creative work in visual arts.