Alexander Massouras

Artist, bookmaker and academic, Alexander Massouras creates work that is deeply influenced by critical and historical narrative. Ranging from large paintings to small architectural etchings, the artist challenges visual realities, drawing on reference to contextualize his compositions. One of his most well known publications, Three Moderately Cautionary Tales is a series of 50 small etchings depicting small objects, places or figures, presented in three short cycles. Academically, Massouras’ research is focused on institutional history, and in 2014 he was awarded Paul Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship to continue his project entitled Casts and Iconoclasts: The Twentieth-century Plaster Cast and the Reproduction of Culture which uses the history of plaster and casting to explore cultural shifts, art historical connections and theories of education.  

Massouras has shown in a number of international exhibitions including Royal Academy of Arts, London, Muse at 269, London, 7Eleven Gallery, NY, Christie’s, London (with Julian Page Fine Art), Skylight Projects, NY, Pulse 2011, Los Angeles, and Pace, New York. In 2011 Massouras won the Pulse Prize.