Amy Sands

Amy Sands' works of art embody sourced imagery and textures from traditional craft, translated into contemporary abstractions. Utilizing found patterns from her family heritage and day to day surroundings, she works intuitively - selecting a combination of processes to carry across a specific effect. Recently, she has been working with translucent rice paper and building depth in the print through layering. The pieces hang loosely, creating an open space for the print to exist. Light, shadow and air become components of the overall composition and interact with the intricate patterns and color. The work is both complex and serene, creating an arena for reflection.

Amy Sands has exhibited her work in a number of solo and group shows both nationally and internationally. Sands’ work belongs in the permanent collections of the New York Public Library, Pratt Institute, Metropolitan State University, Buena Vista University, Central Lakes College as well as many private parties. Sands is currently an Adjunct Professor at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Metropolitan State University.

Courtesy of Muriel Guépin Gallery