Ana Seggiaro

Engraver, draftsman, painter and embroiderer, Ana Seggiaro embodies the figure of the contemporary artist capable of making experience her resource by fusing collage with experimental intervention. Like an intriguing amalgamation between the manual and the digital, Seggiaro's production unites technique and technology to visit her main themes and interests: authorial resignification, the body as cartography, intimacy and imagined landscapes.

Seggiaro recovers the images once captured on paper by great masters, appropriating them without fear, in a contemporary collage operation. She uses scores, history and literature books as settings, as well as engravings or maps on which she builds her own compositions, as in an impossible ritual of temporary reconciliation.

The appropriation of the maps and the definition of the ideals of the body allow Seggiaro to express his concern for the construction of limits and masculine impositions on the feminine. With embroidery, she seeks both to show those limits, as well as break them, undo them, resignify them and rebuild them.

Courtesy of the artist