Anastasia Savinova

Breaking down “authentic fragments and details of architectural environment” in her mixed media practice, Russian artist Anastasia Savinova creates collages, drawings and wooden sculptures that harness the symbolic energy of various motifs and materials. Whether physical or representational, the wood, geometry, bricks and tiles of buildings make up Savinova’s visual language, allowing her to weave narrative across various cultures and storylines. One of her most recent projects, Genius Loci explores differences and similarities between places of habitation—capturing and collaging the faces of buildings in an effort to understand “the feeling of Place.”

Savinova has shown her collaged works in a number of institutions and fairs including Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Kettinge, Denmark, ArtLab Studio, Uppsala, Sweden, Museum of Illustration and Modernity, Valencia, Spain, Broströms, Uppsala, Sweden, Affordable Art Fair, New York,  and Art Market, San Francisco. She has held residencies at ArtLab Studio, Uppsala and Can Xalant, Mataro, Spain.