Andre Butzer

André Butzer paints brightly colored grids, intensely black cosmic landscapes and monumental wide-eyed, white-gloved innocent figures. While explicitly an expressionist painter, the breadth of Butzer’s body of work reveals a tremendous amount of evolution in practically all aspects of his craft: style, medium, composition and subject matter. Butzer’s act of painting is inextricably linked to the experience of life and death itself, so much so that one becomes a self-reflection of the other in a seemingly endless cyclical paradigm. His works speak not only to his dream-like Nasaheim (a combination of NASA & Anaheim) but also to the politics and history from our reality that created these fantasies – what he calls ‘Science Fiction Expressionism.’ Every new iteration of style or subject is influenced by what came before it -– the past always brings us to the present and future of painting.

Courtesy of Nino Mier Gallery