Angie Jennings

Angie Jennings has been a photographer for over 30 years. The artist utilizes photography to tell a story in a single image or series of images. Working in digital, film, and alternative processes to enhance her imagery. She has exhibited nationally and internationally in addition to running a photographic arts-based non-profit.

Artist Statement:

My works are rather vast however, the overarching theme is a sociological study of the human condition in public situations. I appreciate how the modern world can encroach and inform the way humans behave either individually or in a group. Through observation, I am able to capture the human response to the lens. Light, clothes, location, personality, and numerous other traits factor in how I will frame the image. However, on the street, I work spontaneously and follow my instincts, as I shoot from the hip. My current work reflects my need to create differently drawing inspiration from dadaism, surrealists, and abstract painters.