Anne de Villeméjane

French sculptor Anne de Villeméjane’s ethereal figures are both fragile and powerful at the same time. Her work reflects the expression of human nature, exuding a worldly energy, while also appearing as if in a dream. De Villeméjane often experiments with various raw materials, including mixes of media, including bronze and crystal, cement and metal, plaster, acrylic, and resin. Recognized for her rare sensitivity and strong sense of color and textures in her collages, her passion for bronze began in 2000, when renowned Italian artist Lorenzo Cascio introduced her to the sculptural forms.

De Villeméjane has had two solo exhibitions with Mark Hachem Gallery in Paris and Beirut, as well as group exhibitions and fairs with Vivendi Gallery, Paris, Gallery M, Denver, New York, and Modus Gallery, Paris. De Villeméjane has recently been commissioned to design the audience award statue for the “In French” New York Film Festival.

Courtesy of the Artist