Anthony Lepore

An ambitious dilettante, Lepore's work is an example of the neo-documentary style of photography, pioneered by Lee Friedlander and Nan Goldin. He is part of a small cadre of new artists experimenting with expanding the definition of photography. His work is quirky, halcyon, vaguely ordinary, and strikingly unusual—a liberated combination that manages to maintain cohesion in spite of the heterogeneity of its subjects.

Anthony Lepore was born and raised in California, a geographical factor that may account for the sun-drenched images that frequently appear in his body of work. Not one to be restricted by a single style, Lepore's 2010 exhibition Bird Shop featured a series of black-and-white images that drew comparisons to Diane Arbus. Lepore was awarded a 2005 Alice Kimball Travel Fellowship and an Award for Artistic Excellence by Fordham University in 2000.