Antonio Vangelli

Antonio Vangelli (Rome, 1917 - Rome, 2003), an Italian painter and artist. Under his father and his brothers, he began his career in painting in 1938. In 1943, he took part in the IV Quadrenniale of National Art at Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome.

He matured in the "Roman School" from 1943 together with the painters Giulio Turcato and Emilio Vedova. His exhibition activity began in 1943 with his participation in the IV Quadrenniale of National Art. In 1948 he was present at the V Quadrenniale of the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome for the "National Review of Figurative Arts". In 1953, he exhibited in Rome at Palazzo Venezia for the Marzotto Prize. In 1961, he exhibited at the "Le Jardin des Arts" art gallery in Rome; in 1965, he was present at the IX National Quadrenniale of Art in Rome at the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni.

Courtesy if Wallecor Srl