Anya Titova

Anya Titova works with various media including installation, sculpture, video and photography. The subject of her recent solo show Rituals of Resistance comes out of encounters and conflicts between the functional, symbolic, aesthetic, and social meanings inherent in the things that inhabit our everyday reality. Titova addresses them as embodiments of material of ideological – scientific, philosophical, political knowledge structures. In these photocollages Titova uses photographs of social protesters rejected by mass media for which they were originally made and photographs taken by the military in conflict sites to question the relationships between the lived environments, institutional power and the production of identity through the optics of historical narration. The artist explores the borderline between document and fiction, original and copy, instrument and artifact her work offers a critical view of backgrounds and possible consequences of this instrumentalization of archive. Titova studied at The Glasgow School of Art (2006), Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art (2007) and Valand Shool of Arts, Gothenburg (2009). In 2011 Titova was a participant of 54th Venice Biennale. In 2014 she will contribute to a two artists show Observatoium as a part of parallel program at Manifest 10. Shе currently lives and works in Moscow.