Anya Gallaccio

Anya Gallaccio is an installation artist and sculptor who emerged as part of the Young British Artists movement. Initially creating sculptural works using lead and copper, Gallaccio has gone on to incorporate more non-traditional materials into her work, including clods of dirt, melted sugar, petals, leaves, and rags. Gallaccio has developed a striking, stark style, that has been described as “post-minimalist,” and which often evidences a sense of loss and longing. Drawing on the traditions of postwar sculptural movements, much of Gallaccio's work incorporates the everyday materials used by the Italian Arte Povera artists, and the simple, clean lines and geometries of the Minimalist movement.

Gallaccio has been the subject of solo exhibitions at institutions such as the Camden Arts Center in London, New York’s Sculpture Center, Tate Britain, the Serpentine Gallery, and London’s Institute of Contemporary Art.